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Elixir Phoenix developer who enjoys helping others through blog posts and tutorials, thinking through hard tasks, learning new things, and writing code. Increased efficiency of Top Class Actions staff by automating tasks and eliminating need for spreadsheets. Passionate about harnessing the power Elixir and Phoenix offers.

Technical Experience

Top Class Actions


  • Built admin dashboard and customer portal with Elixir and Phoenix
  • Enables TCA staff to manage campaigns without having to use multiple spreadsheets
  • Automated tasks such as the emailing of leads to clients
  • Interacted with GravityForms API to generate CSVs
  • Allows clients to log in and view their campaigns

Catcasts – Tutorial for creating an Elixir Phoenix app



  • A step by step guide to creating an Elixir Phoenix app
  • Walks the reader through building a tested app
  • Includes the installation of a CSS framework, using Google OAuth, and interacting with the YouTube API
  • Originally used Phoenix 1.2.1, it was updated for Phoenix 1.3, and recently updated again for Phoenix 1.4

GetMedium – Elixir package for getting your Medium posts on your website


  • Solved problem of Medium API not allowing get requests
  • Interfaces with your Medium feed to grab all of your blog posts
  • Returns a list of your posts with all of its pertinent information
  • Published to Hex.pm
  • You can see it in action at https://www.brianemory.com/#blog

Corneal – Open source Sinatra app generator


  • Generates a basic Sinatra app structure like rails new app-name does
  • Designed to assist Flatiron School students in starting their Sinatra projects
  • Forked and customized Hazel to create a Rails-like app structure
  • Uploaded to RubyGems to allow local installation
  • Featured in Ruby Weekly #353